YouTube Videos

Rose Mula – A Time To Be Born and a Time to Die
Humorous, Andy-Rooney-Type commentary about expiration dates–for everything from drugs to food to household cleaners to make up to personal care products.

Rose Mula – Slim Down? Fat Chance!
Humorous look at fight against obesity.

Rose Mula — Diary of a Would-Be Athlete
A humorous essay about a senior’s recollections of the “fearless feats” of her childhood and the challenging “sports” in which she participates today

Rose Mula – New Year’s Peeve
Andy Rooney type commentary on why I hate New Year’s–the forced gaiety…the pressure to be happy….it’s all too depressing–to say nothing of the pressure to make those cursed resolutions that you know won’t work….

Rose Mula – The Holiday Hustle Hassle
Why I hate Christmas

Rose Mula – The Case for Vegetarianism–or Not
Humorous essay re vegetarianism; Andy Rooney type commentary re finding it difficult to eat anything that was once alive.